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Lobster Roll Trail of the Kennebunks

“Who serves the best lobster roll?” That depends on how you like it ... mixed with mayo or just butter? Straight-up or mixed with secret spices? Served on a hot dog roll or sandwich bun? The Kennebunk-Kennebunkport-Arundel Chamber of Commerce has compiled this handy guide in response to this popular question so you can decide yourself! Happy trails!




1. Duffy’s Tavern & Grill
4 Main St., Kennebunk • (207) 985-0050

Maine lobster lightly dressed in an herb mayonnaise served on a buttered roll with a cup of New England clam chowder.


2. The Kennebunk Inn
45 Main St., Kennebunk • (207) 985-3351
Juicy, fresh lobster meat is mixed lightly with mayonnaise and served atop a 
buttery, toasted roll.  Award-winning taste.


3. Sebago Brewing Company
65 Portland Road,  Kennebunk • (207) 985-9855 
6 ounces of Maine lobster, mayo, celery, leaf lettuce, grilled Italian roll.


4. Bennett’s Sandwich Shop
200 Sea Road, Kennebunk • (207) 967-5401 
Fresh Maine K+C lobby prepared your way on oversized hotdog OR over a half-pound on signature sub.


5. Pearl Kennebunk / Spat Oyster Cellar
27 Western Ave., Kennebunk • (207) 204-0860 
Cool lobster salad with fresh knuckle, claw, tail meat and mayonnaise in a warm, butter-toasted bun.


6. The White Barn Bistro
37 Beach Ave., Kennebunk • (207) 967-2321 
Homemade bun, toasted in butter, served with a fried pickle and a spicy sweet sauce.


7. H.B. Provisions
15 Western Ave., Kennebunk • (207) 967-5762 
Knuckle and claw lobster meat with a bit of mayo, caramelized buttered bulky roll, green leaf lettuce, slice of tomato. 


8. Ports of Italy
4 Western Ave., Kennebunk • (207) 204-0365 
Lobster roll is made with fresh local lobster, touch of mayo, tarragon, chives, tomato, celery and shallots, drop of Calabrian spicy oil and served on a “Boulangerie” brioche bun.  


9. The Clam Shack
2 Western Ave. (on the bridge) Kennebunk • (207) 967-3321
Fresh-caught house-picked lobster on a grilled bakery roll with mayo or melted butter.


10. Alisson’s Restaurant
11 Dock Square, Kennebunkport • (207) 967-4841
Alisson’s Famous Lobster Roll: mounds of Maine lobster lightly mixed with mayo 
on a grilled roll. Also serving four other interesting versions of their Maine lobster roll.


11. The Burleigh at Kennebunkport Inn
One Dock Square, Kennebunkport • (207) 967-2621 
The Lobster Club: A twist on the classic lobster roll.  Fresh Maine lobster, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.


12. David’s KPT
21 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport • (207) 967-8225 
David’s Lobster Roll features fresh Maine lobster on a butter toasted roll with drawn butter or mayo.


13. Nonantum Resort
95 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport • (207) 967-2181
Handpicked Maine lobster overflowing in a traditional warm and toasty buttered hot dog bun!


14. Port Lobster Co.
122 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport • (207) 967-2081 
Port Lobster lobster rolls are made with our own fresh picked lobster meat, with butter or mayonnaise on a toasted roll.


15. Stripers Waterside Restaurant
133 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport • (207) 967-3118 
Hand-picked fresh lobster meat with lemon aioli on a classic roll.


16. The Dory at the Lodge on the Cove
29 S. Main St., Kennebunkport • (207) 967-3993 
Three grilled mini rolls piled with Maine lobster salad and honey-cured bacon.


17. Tides Beach Club
254 Kings Highway, Kennebunkport • (207) 967-3757 
Goose Rocks Beach lobster roll - served hot with garlic herb butter or cold with chive, mayonnaise & lemon.


18. Seafood Center of Maine
1181 Portland Road, Arundel • (207) 985-7391 
Never-frozen tail, knuckle, claw lobster meat, not much mayo at all, toasted hot dog roll.


19. Table of Seven
102 York St., Kennebunk • (207) 502-7188 

Get your lobster roll with mayo, celery and onion ... or just warm with warm butter!


20. Maine Diner
2265 Post Road, Wells • (207) 646-4441 
5 oz. lobster portion served hot or cold on a grilled hot dog bun.


21. Hurricane Restaurant
29 Dock Square, Kennebunkport • (207) 967-9111
Hurricane serves fresh Maine lobster meat on a traditional New England frankfurter roll that has been grilled with butter, served with your choice of French fries, sweet potato fries, cole slaw or vegetable of the day.