41 Turbat’s Creek Road, Kennebunkport 
(207) 967-5457

Cool lobster meat lightly tossed with mayo served on a buttery grilled roll, served poolside.

11 Dock Square, Kennebunkport
(207) 967-4841

Mounds of Maine lobster lightly mixed with mayo on a grilled roll. Also serving four other interesting versions of their Maine lobster roll.

12 Western Avenue, Kennebunk (207) 967-8821

Fresh New England lobster roll served with brown butter and topped with tempura flakes on a split-top bun.

21 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport
(207) 967-8225

Fresh Maine lobster roll made with kewpie mayo, lemon, chive, toasted New England-style roll.

One Dock Square, Kennebunkport 
(207) 967-2621 

Lobster Melt: creamy Mascarpone cheese, provolone, tomato, arugula and chunks of fresh Maine lobster; served on a buttery sourdough bread.

2 Western Ave. (on the bridge) Kennebunk
(207) 967-3321

Fresh-caught, house-picked lobster on a grilled bakery roll with mayo or melted butter.

4 Main St., Kennebunk
(207) 985-0050

Maine lobster lightly dressed in an herb mayonnaise served on a buttered roll with a cup of New England clam chowder.

8 Western Ave., Kennebunk
(207) 967-4322

Delicious Maine lobster on a toasted New England-style bun, with french fries and pickle spear.

15 Western Ave., Kennebunk
(207) 967-5762

Knuckle and claw lobster meat with a bit of mayo, caramelized buttered bulky roll, green leaf lettuce, slice of tomato.

29 Dock Square, Kennebunkport
(207) 967-9111

Freshly picked meat lightly tossed with celery and mayo served on a toasted buttered roll.

95 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport
(207) 967-4050

Hand-picked Maine lobster overflowing in a homemade buttery bun served warm with butter or chilled with mayo; your choice!

37 Beach Ave., Kennebunk
(207) 967-2321

Kennebunkport Lobster Roll-Choice of melted butter or Asian mayonnaise and french fries.

124 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport
(207) 967-2562

Freshly caught lobster meat tossed in classic hot butter or mayonnaise and stuffed to overflow in a griddled brioche roll.

2265 Post Road, Wells
(207) 646-4441 

Fresh, sweet, tender lobster meat lightly tossed in mayo served in a grilled New England style bun.

140 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport
(207) 967-3331

Fresh Maine lobster claws and knuckles mixed with fresh lemon, parsley, mayo, salt and pepper served on a buttered new england style hot dog bun with fries.

2 Pier Road, Kennebunkport
(207) 204-0707

Fresh Maine lobster dressed in brown butter aioli and served on a toasted potato roll.

4 Western Ave., Kennebunk
(207) 204-0709

Simple and fresh. Lobster meat and mayo served cold in a warm, butter toasted split-top bun.

122 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport
(207) 967-2081

Port Lobster lobster rolls are made with our own fresh picked lobster meat, with butter or mayonnaise on a toasted roll.

117 Western Ave , Kennebunk
(207) 604-6118

Our lobster roll is made with fresh lobster coated with mayonnaise on a bed of lettuce in a toasted roll and served with french fries.


65 Portland Road, Kennebunk
(207) 985-9855

Maine Jumbo Lobster Roll – Classic jumbo Maine lobster roll with light mayo dressing on a butter-grilled, locally baked bun. Served with fries and pickle chips.

4 Western Ave., Kennebunk

Fresh-shucked lobster meat tossed lightly with mayo and piled high in a butter grilled New England-style bun.

133 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport
(207) 967-3118

Filled with fresh Maine lobster meat and tossed with a lemon aioli.

2 Morning Walk Lane, Cottage 7, Kennebunk  (207) 274-0247

The Best of the Kennebunks; Curated with Three Sea’s fresh picked Lobster, dressed in Talula’s specialty lemonaise, grilled on a Boulangerie Bakery N.E. Roll and served with Talula’s award winning whoopie pie!

45 Main St., Kennebunk
(207) 985-3351

Succulent lobster meat on a flaky croissant, garnished with sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato, bacon, with basil aioli.

254 Kings Highway, Kennebunkport
(207) 967-3757

Goose Rocks Beach lobster roll – served hot with garlic herb butter or cold with chive, mayonnaise & lemon.