The Kennebunks are a wonderful destination for you to choose in your tour itinerary. Did you know that we are currently the top destination for Portland-based cruise ships? It’s easy to understand why. Our location in southern Maine gives your group a real taste of quintessential Maine without spending precious vacation time traveling long distances Down East. Simply drop your guests in the Kennebunks – an easy 30-minute drive from Portland or Portsmouth.

Please let us know you’re coming! The Chamber likes to greet all the Motorcoach tours coming to the area. If you have time, please complete the Motorcoach Visit Form and email it to the Chamber office at [email protected]. If not, give us a ring at (207) 967-0857.

Why should you contact us? Our greeters will meet your bus and provide maps and The Anchor information sheet which details restroom, dining and important information for visitors.

On behalf of our member businesses, we pledge to make it easy for you and your visitors to include the Kennebunks in your tour packages. Here is how:
  • Turn-key drop-off! 
    In Kennebunkport, Cross Street, right off Dock Square, has been designated for bus drivers to drop off guests (no parking). It’s easy to access, and easy to maneuver back onto Maine Street. Our helpful, courteous staff is available to direct traffic and greet your bus.
  • Parking Details!
    Buses are welcome to park at two locations in the Kennebunks.
    • Seashore Trolley Museum, just two miles away, where your bus drivers can relax in a cool, shaded area at no extra charge.
    • Franciscan Monastery, off Beach Avenue in Kennebunk, which welcomes motorcoach tours to park, stroll the beautiful grounds and browse in the gift shop. Cost is $50; please call Linda at (401) 793-0236.
  • Easy to get around!
    The Kennebunks are walkable. From the drop off on Cross Street or at Performance Marine, visitors can walk to shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, museums, nature parks, and historical sites. The marinas, where the lobster boat cruises and whale watch boats are docked, are a short walk away.
  • Tour planning made perfect!
    With years of experience and inside knowledge of local resources, the dedicated Chamber team can help tour companies, motorcoach companies, travel agencies, group leaders, corporations, school groups, and others plan the perfect visit. From itinerary planning and guided tours to providing hotel room leads, we’ve got plans for you! 
  • What is the Maine Motorcoach Network?
    The Chamber is a proud member of the the Maine Motorcoach Network. It is a volunteer group of suppliers from the state of Maine whose primary goal is to expand group travel not just to a single region or business but to the state as a whole. It works in conjunction with the marketing efforts of the Maine Office of Tourism to increase revenue generating opportunities for Maine tourism businesses in the motorcoach industry. This network is open to any business that is committed to serve the motorcoach market or wants to learn more about how to better work with this industry. To learn more about how you can participate in the Network send an email to info@mainemotorcoachnetwork.org.

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