In 2020, when so much of the world shut down, our eateries stepped up and found new ways to help us have our favorite daily cup of coffee, fresh bread, creative cocktails and gourmet meals to celebrate life’s milestones.

While an enterprising few began to offer delivery, almost every single food business – from our coffee shops to five-star restaurants – found a way to offer takeout. 

At the same time, tents, patios and decks popped up, as eating “out” became in.

But as flexible and enterprising as our eateries have been, make no mistake: They are still recovering. While things like PPP loans have helped them stay afloat, they are still far away from being on solid ground. 

And they need our support.

To help all of this along, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating Eat the Kennebunks Week from May 9-15. During this week eateries will offer special meals, deals and more.

So eat out, eat often and eat the Kennebunks this year!

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