KPT Promise

Here in the Kennebunks, the vast majority of our small businesses depend on tourism in some way. To ensure all visitors to our town are free to enjoy themselves, our local hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions are working hard to keep the Kennebunks cleaner and safer than ever.

Our Promise to YOU

  • We have implemented stringent and thorough cleaning processes, checklists and methods using CDC recommended chemicals at all local businesses to make our spaces pristine and ensure your safety.
  • We have looked carefully at how to create appropriate social distancing throughout your visit as mandated by the Maine CDC.
  • We have installed hand sanitizing stations at all businesses and in public areas around town.
  • We have reviewed opportunities in all businesses to ensure single use touch points during your visit.

You are our guests and we are thrilled to welcome you to our town. For the safety of our hard-working business owners and their employees, we ask you to consider three things before you visit.

YOUR Promise to Us

  • If you have been exposed to COVID- 19 or have symptoms, please stay home and plan to visit us when you are well.
  • Respect that the social distancing and cleanliness guidelines at all of our local businesses and public spaces are for everyone’s protection—be safe, be kind, and enjoy your visit to the Kennebunks!
  • Please be respectful of safety precautions that businesses may be taking for the safety of their staff. This includes masks, social distancing, etc.



Maine’s COVID-19 travel policy welcomes all to Maine.

If one or more states see a spike in cases of highly contagious COVID-19 variants, Maine will apply its test or quarantine requirement to travelers to and from that state. Federal requirements related to international travel remain in effect. 

Effective May 24: All capacity limits for indoor gatherings and outdoor gatherings are lifted.

Physical distancing requirements for outdoor settings are eliminated.

Maine will also lift the physical distancing requirements at indoor public settings where people are eating or drinking and therefore would be removing their face covering – such as indoor restaurants, bars, dining areas in camps or in congregate living facilities, and break rooms.

For more information visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we park when in town?

Currently, the Dock Square Parking Lot is open and available for parking. During the summer season, parking fees are charged on an hourly basis. For free, the North Street parking lot is open and street parking is available.

Are hotels, campgrounds and other lodging accommodations open?

Yes!  Hotels, campgrounds and other lodging accommodations are all welcoming visitors for this season.

Are the retail shops and restaurants open in town?

Retail stores and restaurants are open and serving customers. 

 What is the status of the public bathrooms?

The Dock Square restrooms are open. Public health concerns and the need to limit the spread of COVID-19 will limit the number of people allowed in the restrooms at any one time.  The town is committed to sanitation guidelines that meet the State of Maine guidance and the Center for Disease Control protocols.

Are the beaches open to the public?

The beaches are open. Out of consideration for others, we ask that if you are near people or on the sidewalks, masks are worn.

What is the status of the Memorial Day Parade?

Due to public health concerns for both our veterans and the general public, the annual Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled. We hope that everyone will honor our veterans through the display of the American flag, thanking veterans and consider donating to your local American Legion post.

What is the status of the 4th of July fireworks? 

Currently, the annual Fourth of July festivities are on hold as we gather more guidance from the State of Maine and the Center for Disease Control.

What is the schedule for trash removal in Kennebunkport?

The town’s trash removal schedule has continued as normal. You can find the schedule at